Sharon Zhang

Music has always been a large part of Sharon Zhang’s life.  She started learning to play the yangqin at an early age.  She has had formal training in music education, and has both taught and played music professionally.  Playing as professional musician has given her the highest level of standards.

In 1977, she began her university education majoring in professional yangqin.   During her study in university, she appeared in many professional performances and received creative music awards. She also participated in numerous major performances and film / television music recording.

After graduation, she stayed in the university teaching music classes.  Afterwards she was admitted to Tianjin Conservatory of Music with distinction, under the tutelage of the prominent yangqin master, Prof. Zheng Baoheng. At Zheng’s yangqin work concert in Beijing, Sharon performed “Jiang Nan Hao”, impressing the audience.

Since moving to Canada, she continues to develop the art of yangqin. She has also been active in the Chinese Music scene and is keen to teach others.  Her musical style is unique, elegant and warm. Zhang helped to set-up the Chinese Music Center in the Confucius Institute in Edmonton, and has been teaching there since 2008. She has been a frequent assisting examiner for the Central Conservatory of Music of China, Overseas Chinese Music Standard Grade Examinations. She has also been the President of the Edmonton Chinese Arts Society for the past 10 years. The objective of the society is to promote Chinese music in the Edmonton community.


自幼學習揚琴,1977 年考入山東師範大學音樂系主修揚琴,在校期間曾數次獲得音樂專業表演及 創作獎,參加了無數次重要演出及電影,電視音樂的錄製。畢業後留校任教。其後以優異成績考入天津音樂學院,師從揚琴名家鄭寶恆教授,並在鄭寶恆揚琴作品音樂專場上以一曲“江南好” 震撼全場。

移居加拿大以來,她一直活躍在中國音樂舞台上並熱衷於傳授和發展揚琴藝術。多次与著名二胡演奏家合作。她的演奏典雅,音色溫暖純美, 以情入曲, 有其獨樹一幟的風格。自2008年以來, 她在埃德蒙頓孔子學院成立中國音樂中心, 開辨民族器樂班, 並設立揚琴班教授揚琴藝術。所教的学生以优异的成绩通过中央音乐学院海外考试十级。现任埃城东方艺术团团长 , 继续为推广华夏文化而努力。  

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