Kayoko Segawa

Kayoko Segawa is a Vancouver-based pianist, accompanist and teacher. She is the pianist of the popular “Ensemble Bouquet” Trio and “The Winds” Japanese-Canadian Choir, and serves on the piano faculty of both the VSO School of Music and Tom Lee Music Academy. She is a teaching assistant to concert pianist Sara Davis Buechner of the University of British Columbia.

Before arriving in Canada in 2005, Ms. Segawa was director and chief piano instructor at the Taisha Music School in Kobe, Japan. She was a member of the steering committee of the Takatsuki Music Association of Osaka, and appeared with numerous instrumental and choral ensembles throughout Japan. She played often in duo-concerts with legendary Japanese composer Yoshinao Nakada. Ms. Segawa is also a very popular Japanese-English translator for visiting musical artists on both sides of the Pacific.

Kayoko Segawa is a graduate of the Kobe Jogakun College School of Music, and received Master Course Diplomas from the Warsaw Conservatory and Felix Mendelssohn College of Music in Leipzig. Her teachers include Kiyo Shimazaki, Yasuko Yamada, Lidia Kozubek and Amadeus Webersinke.

In addition to her teaching, Ms. Segawa regularly adjudicates piano festivals and competitions in the lower mainland, as well as the Aloha International Piano Festival in Honolulu. She is a member of the Piano Teachers’ National Association of Japan (PTNA).

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