Angela Schneider

Angela Schneider has been playing viola with the Vancouver Symphony for over 25 years. Before this, she lived in Germany for close to a decade, studying with world renowned performers like Bruno Giuranna and Sandor Végh in Detmold, Düsseldorf and Cornwall. She earned her Masters of Music in Aachen, during which time she was a member of the Rheinisches String Quartet and the Aachen Symphony Orchestra.  This was followed by two years as Principal Viola of the Essen Chamber Orchestra before joining the Vancouver Symphony.  

On her return to Vancouver, Ms. Schneider became involved with the VSB String Program and spent several years teaching group string classes in Vancouver’s East side schools. Preferring to concentrate on individual lessons, Angela switched to private instruction and quickly built up a busy and successful teaching practice. She took a break to develop her other passion - lecturing on history and music appreciation but is pleased to return to teaching at the VSO Music School.

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