Guqin Group Class

An introductory class for beginners of all ages, in one of China's oldest instruments, the plucked Chineze zither, a favourite of scholars and Literati since ancient times. Basic concepts will be taught, including how to tune the instrument, postures and playing techniques and introduction to qin and cipher notation.

Students will learn to play 3 to 4 simple pieces to be performed at an informal concert at the end of the course. 

Registration open now for Fall 2016!

Instructor: Min Lin
Recommended for: Children and adults ages 10 and up. No previous musical experience necessary.
Dates and Times: Wednesdays, 5:30-7pm. 8 weeks during FALL ONLY.
Oct 19 - Dec 7
Fee: $75 per term (tuition-assisted fee for successful applicants
$280 per term (non-assisted fee)
(registration fee may apply)
           Minimum enrollment required
This class qualifies for youth scholarship funding. Click here to download the application package

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