Colourstrings Music and Movement Classes

Designed for ‘first’ experiences in making music, each class is tailored by age, and develops core music skills through singing, instrument play, dancing, creative movement, listening and socializing in a stimulating yet structured way. Scroll below the schedule for a more detailed description of the Colourstrings approach.

Age groups are based on the child's age in September. Children remain in the same age group for all 3 sessions of the school year. Parents and caregivers must participate in classes for the 3–14mnth, 1–2yrs and 2–3yrs age groups. From 3–4yrs up, children participate in classes independent of parents.


If your desired class is currently full, please join our Spring term (Apr-Jun) waitlist.  Please email with the following information to be added to our waitlist:

- Your name
- Your child's name
- Your child's date of birth
- A contact telephone number
- Preferred class time(s) if applicable


3–14 months:

Tuesdays, 11.15–11.45am 
Fridays, 12.15–12.45pm FULL

with Cheryl
with Laura
1–2 years:
Tuesdays, 10.20–11.00am FULL
Thursdays, 11.15am–11.55pm FULL
Fridays, 9.25–10.05am FULL
Saturdays, 11.10-11.50am FULL
with Cheryl
with Cheryl
with Laura
with Cheryl
2–3 years:
Tuesdays, 9.30–10.10am FULL
Tuesdays, 5.30-6.10pm FULL
Thursdays, 9.25–10.05am
Fridays, 11.15–11.55am  FULL
Saturdays,10.15-10.55am FULL
with Cheryl
with Cheryl
with Cheryl
with Laura
with Cheryl
3–4 years:

Tuesdays, 6.20-7.05pm FULL
Wednesdays, 3.30-4.15pm 1 spots left!
Fridays, 10.20–11.05am FULL
Fridays, 1.30–2.15pm  FULL
Saturdays, 9.15-10.00am FULL 
Saturdays, 1.30–2.15pm

with Cheryl
with Cheryl
with Laura
with Laura
with Cheryl
with Cheryl

4–5 years:

Tuesdays, 3.30-4.15pm
Wednesdays, 4.30-5.15** 
Wednesdays, 6.25-7.05pm  FULL
Thursdays, 10.20–11.05am
Fridays, 2.30-3.15pm
Saturdays, 12.30-1.15pm FULL
Saturdays, 2.30–3.15pm

with Cheryl
with Cheryl
with Cheryl
with Cheryl
with Laura
with Cheryl
with Cheryl

5–6 years:

Tuesdays, 4.30-5.15pm 
Wednesdays, 5.30-6.15**
Fridays, 4.00–4.45pm
Saturdays, 9.15-10.00am
Saturdays, 3.30-4.15pm FULL

with Cheryl
with Cheryl
with Cheryl
with Laura
wth Cheryl

6-7 years:
Saturdays, 4.30-5.15pm
with Cheryl

**These are "Newcomers" classes that are designed for any 4, 5 or 6yr olds entering the Colourstrings program for the first time

Instructors: Laura Hasthorpe, Cheryl Ballard
Recommended for: 3 months–7 years
Dates and times: Session I – Fri, Sep 23 - Sat, Dec 16, 2016
Session II – Tue, Jan 3 - Sat, Mar 11 2017
Session III – Fri, Apr 7 - Fri, Jun 23, 2017

No classes:

Fri, Oct 7 - Thu, Oct 13 for Thanksgiving
Fri, Nov 11 (Remembrance Day)
Fri, Apr 14 (Good Friday)
Fees: $190 per term  (registration fee may apply)
Minimum enrollment required

Colourstrings is an innovative approach to music education developed by Geza Szilvay in Finland that combines Kodaly, Orff and Dalcroze methods. In age appropriate groupings, children embark on musical adventures that can take them from the earliest playful experiences through to music literacy and seamlessly onto instrumental lessons. In a typical 40 minute Colourstrings session your children will;
> Sing! Move! Play! Imagine!
> Develop core music skills
> Play some of the most beautiful instruments from around the world
> Learn simple dance patterns and move creatively to music
> Enjoy creative music games that develop basic musical literacy; reading, writing and composing
> Listen to a variety of high quality music, live and recorded      

Games, pictures and stories lead the children in small logical steps from sounds to symbols, imitation to improvisation – from the simplest to the most advanced musicianship.

Wondering which instrument is best for your child? Click here for Meet the Orchestra music class, for 5-7yr olds      

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