Suzuki String Programs (cello and violin)

Based on the concept that children learn to play musical instruments as naturally as they learn to speak, Suzuki programs have flourished worldwide. Parental support is vital to the musical development of Suzuki students. Parents are required to attend classes and lessons, and carry through the learning process in daily practice at home.

Suzuki Violin and Cello Prep Classes

The Suzuki Prep class prepares children to begin Suzuki string lessons on cello or violin, through exercises in rhythm, singing, and in learning to hold the instruments correctly.
*Please note that you do NOT need to bring an instrument to our string prep classes.  Students start on a cardboard instrument to learn proper technique.

Please check back in August 2017 for more information regarding 2017-2018 Suzuki Prep Classes!

VIOLIN Prep class (registration opens in August, 2017)

Instructors: Ruth Huang (violin); Cyrena Huang (cello)
Recommended for: Ages 4-6. No musical experience necessary.
Dates and Times: VIOLIN: Saturdays, 1:15-2:00pm
Sept 30 – Dec 9 (no class on Oct 21) / Jan 13 – Mar 17 / Apr 7 – Jun 9
CELLO: Saturdays, 11.00-11.45pm (Fall term only)
Sep 16 - Dec 2 (no class on Oct 7 or Nov 11)
Fee: $190 per term  (registration fee may apply)
Minimum enrollment required

Suzuki Lessons + Group Classes

If a child has completed a Suzuki Prep Class, or if the student is 6+ years old, they are ready to enroll in lessons, which include FREE participation in a group class. Parents must attend lessons and classes with their child. 

Instructor: Rebecca Rittich, Miho Matsuo;
Harold Birston, Cyrena Huang (cello)
Ages 4+ (after completing Suzuki Prep Class)
Dates and
Lessons are scheduled at the mutual convenience of teachers and students.
Please contact the Registrar ( for complete group class levels and schedules.
Fee: $40 per 30min lesson 
Group class: free if currently enrolled in Suzuki private lessons
(registration fee may apply)
Looking for an alternative introductory violin method? Click here for Colourstrings Violin, which also combines private lessons with free group classes 

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