The Jazz Language: Practical Jazz Theory and Improv

Explore beginning jazz theory through your instrument or voice in a class that demystifies the jazz language for classical and jazz players alike.

Term I: An introduction to Jazz. Topics include intervals, triads, seventh chords, jazz nomenclature, basic chord function, major, harmonic minor and melodic minor diatonic systems.

Term II: Advanced chord function and substitution, symmetrical scales, jazz voicing, constructing bass lines, jazz rhythm and articulations, voice leading and connecting chords with linear harmony.

Term III: Applying jazz theory through improvisation and composition.

Required materials: The Jazz Language by Dan Haerle

Registration open now for FALL 2017!

Instructor: James Danderfer
Recommended for: Students with 3–4 years’ playing experience in classical or jazz, and knowledge of basic theory and scales
Dates and Times: Wednesdays, 5.30–7pm. 8 weeks each term.
Oct 18-Dec 6 / Jan 17-Mar 7 / Apr 25-Jun 13
Fee: $225 per term 
(registration fee may apply)

Minimum enrollment required
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